Enigma Tool

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Enigma Tool is the most powerful and most popular device on the market designed for programming and maintenance of odometers and other electronic modules.


Enigma Tool is the number one choice when you need to maintain and program vehicle odometer and other related electronic modules. Enigma Tool is constantly updatable (software and if necessary hardware) and has the widest vehicle support list on the market. Compact, mobile, easy and safe to use. It can program most of the supported vehicles by OBD connection, and more complex dashboards require a direct link, Enigma Tool kit includes all adapters and other equipment to connect to any supported electronic module. It’s a standalone system and works autonomously, and there is no need for PC except for updating of internal Enigma Tool software and firmware.

Enigma Tool features

  • Works with newest models of cars
  • Safe for tested/repaired electronic systems
  • Reliable mode of operation
  • Exceptionally simple, intuitive use
  • Frequent software updates
  • User can read and write the settings via the diagnostic connector (where available)
  • Professional construction
  • Software updates available, activation of the software via Internet
  • Works with a PC via the USB socket
  • User can back up data
  • User has the option to receive software on demand, client-requested
  • 12 V power supply, available in any car
  • Small size (210×130×40)

Enigma Tool technical specifications

  • Power required: +12V;
  • Tester connectors: power +12V, system DB25, clip DB9, USB, ANT TAG, OBD2, DB15
  • 8 input/output lines, 2 interfaces CAN-BUS, 2 transceivers 82C250, 2 transceivers TJA1054
  • 2 interfaces K-LINE, interface CCD-BUS, interface BDLC (J1850), interface SPI (master slave), Serial port, PWM
  • Integrated reader for transponders PCF7991, integrated reader for transponders TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
  • Analog input port, Integrated multiplexer OBD2
  • +12V output controlled with an electronic relay, adjustable +1.2 V … 5.5V output controlled by an electronic relay
  • Very easy to read, color graphical display 320×240 5.7″, control by touchscreen
  • 10 MB flash memory, 4 MB flash memory for user’s files
  • Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed
  • Wide tolerance of work temperature

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm

12 month warranty