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EURO 6 SCR Emulators for Volvo trucks

Volvo EURO 6 AdBlue Emulator

EURO 6 SCR emulators for Volvo trucks are available in several different types. Now we offer three models of SCR Emulators for EURO 6 Volvo trucks and all of them available on stock. Let us explain the difference between these three types so you can better understand which model you need for your vehicle.

EURO 6 SCR Emulators for Volvo trucks

  • EURO 6 SCR Emulator V1 – this model is designed to support the EURO 6 Volvo vehicles with the 2013-2015 year firmware. So if your truck has the 2016 year firmware, it will not work on this particular vehicle.
  • EURO 6 SCR Emulator V2 – this EURO 6 SCR Emulator designed to support with the post-2015 year firmware version and suitable for all Volvo EURO 6 vehicles except those equipped with retarder system. We will program this module, and we need to set the DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) tank capacity by programming it.
  • EURO 6 SCR emulator – this is a generic version of EURO 6 SCR Emulator, it supports EURO 6 Volvo trucks with all types of firmware except vehicles with retarder system. Moreover, it also needs to be programmed before we could send it to you. To prepare it, we need to program the DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) tank capacity.

All emulators are developed and manufactured in Europe, we offer worldwide delivery with the next day delivery to the European Union countries. Every SCR Emulator has a one-year limited warranty.

EURO 6 SCR Emulator for Volvo modules

Attention! SCR emulators are illegal in some countries. You should check your local laws or laws of those countries that you might cross with your vehicle. SCR Emulator alters SCR system thus makes the vehicle to produce higher exhaust gas emissions. EURO 6 and EURO 5 vehicles equipped with SCR Emulator device will no longer match those EURO standards. Our SCR Emulator designed for countries where environmental rules are less strict, and there are no requirements for vehicles to satisfy EURO 6 or EURO 5 regulations. By purchasing any SCR Emulator, you assume full responsibility for the use of the device. It’s your personal decision to use an emulator or not. We will not accept any liability for any consequences associated with usage of SCR Emulator devices.
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Scania diagnostic tools for any Scania truck or engine

Scania diagnostic

Scania diagnostic tools offered in our shop will make you capable to do any programming or maintenance operation on Scania trucks or engines. There are several diagnostic scanners and diagnostic software products that we can offer for you.

Scania diagnostic hardware

  • Scania VCI3 – latest diagnostic tool for Scania vehicles and engines (Scania SDP3 software included).
  • Scania VCI2 – the most popular diagnostic tool for Scania vehicles and engines (Scania SDP3 software included).
  • Scania VCI1 – designed for older vehicles (Scania SD2 and Scania SP2 software included).

Scania diagnostic software

  • Scania SDP3 – original Scania software product fully compatible with Scania VCI2 and Scania VCI3 diagnostic tools. Somes with the USB license key
  • Scania Multi – original Scania parts catalog and database of Scania maintenance information.
  • Scania XCOM – powerful diagnostic and maintenance software compatible with Scania VCI2 and Scania VCI3 diagnostic tools.
  • Scania SOPS – software designed to convert native Scania ECU files “.sops” to editable “.xml” files. Also it can convert edited “.xml” files back to “.sops” format. Scania SOPS is the only SOPS file decryptor-encryptor available on the market.

Scania diagnostic accessories

  • Scania Marine & Industry Cable – this cable designed to connect Scania VCI2 or Scania VCI3 diagnostic tools to Scania heavy duty engines designed for marine or industry applications.

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Tachograph simulation with Tachograph Simulator DTCO SIM CAN

Tachograph simulation

Tachograph simulation is a process when simulator module generates tachograph specific digital and analog signals. These signals usually required by other electronic modules of the truck. But what if you don’t need tachograph on your truck anymore? For example, if you’re selling your vehicle to countries where tachographs are not required. In this case, you can uninstall the tachograph and replace it with Tachograph Simulator DTCO SIM CAN module. This electronic module is capable of generating the full range of digital and analog signals and ultimately replace the tachograph device.

Tachograph simulation signals

  • V imp
  • 4 imp/m
  • Zero speed signal
  • Vehicle speed, distance traveled, date and time (CAN BUS)
  • Distance traveled, date and time (K-LINE)

All Tachograph Simulator DTCO SIM CAN signals are compatible with ISO 16844-1 standard. The simulator module needs 12V or 24V power supply (at 40mA consumption). It’s easy to install and compatible with vehicles made by DAF, MAN, Scania, and Volvo. We provide all necessary information required for the installation process, the module has a one-year limited warranty and shipped worldwide.

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Delete OBD diagnostic errors (DTC) on EURO 6 trucks

EURO 6 diagnostics

Delete OBD diagnostic errors (DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code) on EURO 6 trucks quickly. Usually, you might need a diagnostic scanner that is compatible with your vehicle. But these tools are quite expensive, requires PC and some advanced knowledge. It’s obvious that not everyone has this piece of equipment, especially for its own needs. Below you can see the list of diagnostic scanners designed for each truck make:

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SCR Emulator product line, types and compatibility

DAF EURO 6 truck front

SCR Emulator is a device that is designed to simulate the real SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system control module. The primary purpose of SCR Emulator module is to keep the truck in regular mode while SCR system is disabled and to save a lot of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) if it is not necessary to use.

SCR or Selective Catalytic Reduction system designed to reduce NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions by injecting a DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid into the catalytic converter chamber. Selective catalytic reduction systems found in many trucks with EURO 4 environmental standard exhaust systems and absolutely all EURO 5 and EURO 6 trucks equipped with SCR systems.

As you can see EURO standards require selective catalytic reduction, but what if you’re driving your vehicle outside the EU and there are no strict requirements for EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 standard exhaust system and engine?

You can turn off the SCR system by pulling out the connectors of SCR system, but it will put your vehicle into the limp mode (reduced power), and it will generate a lot of DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) errors in your vehicle OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system. Also, you can make an expensive programming procedure to disable the SCR system by software, but this solution will work until you decide to upgrade the firmware of your truck. Moreover, you’ll need to make reverse programming if you choose to drive your vehicle in the European Union or not EU countries with strict environmental rules. Continue reading SCR Emulator product line, types and compatibility